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Welcome to FIFL - Fusion Institute Of Foreign Languages !
FIFL is a Pune, India based institute. 

Suhasini, the founder of FIFL has been in IT Corporate sector for more than 20 years. She has been in various roles starting from developer, user manager, Business Analyst, and more. One thing common in all the roles adored by her was the Client engagement. And to deliver her responsibilities successfully, the key factor was ‘Communication’. She stayed out of India for more than 14 years, when she realised, knowing the local language of the country can be your biggest asset in your professional and personal life.

She passionately thought of promoting the importance of language and softskills in today’s tech world and thus the inception of FIFL became apparent.

Our Approach

When you learn a language, it is not only a language, it is the country, the people, the living hood , that you learn, thus all this helps you built a better ‘You’.

Fusion Institute Of Foreign Languages offers the support in its own unique way by offering different courses in Japanese, German, French, Spoken English and soft skills.



We believe, speaking Language will be more effective if it is spoken with right understanding, right intonation, right phoenix. And it will be heard and responded based upon the impression you make by your words, attire, posture, body language, etiquettes. Thus this all goes hand in hand and is a package to deliver the best of what you have. Today, it is the world of packaging. The inner content has to be great no doubt, but, it is also the same important that how you package, present and deliver the content. Thus FIFL helps you achieve all this at one stop.

Of course, learning is not enough, execution of the learning is the most important part in life, where you can see outcome of your learnings. Thus we offer the soft skills course where we define and deliver basic norms of being a ‘Global’ person.

Next Steps...

Get started, contact us and we will look forward to offer our services.

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